We deliver each piano as an ambassador of our commitment to discerning customers:

  • The integrity of pianos in their genuine condition, restored to authentic elegance

  • Uncompromising standards for meticulous quality, reliable performance and trustworthy service

  • That our in-house expertise and experience translates to unparalleled savings

Knowing That These Values Have Differentiated Our Success For Over 25 Years.



Sale & Purchase

We offer exceptional used pianos for clients and businesses: meticulously tuned, serviced & polished by hand, yet maintained in their genuine condition to restore their makers' artistry. 


Whether for personal use or events, Music Lodge entrusts performance-quality pianos of well-known brands for rental for the discerning ear, with highly competitive rates and attractive terms. 


A beloved piano deserves the best care.  With over 30 years of experience, we are fully equipped to handle all your servicing needs, from fine-tuning and regulation to technical repairs

Our business is built on hard-earned trust. Never forget that the quality of fine, honest work determines the integrity and success of Music Lodge.
— Mr Chng Kian Chong, Founder & Owner

Mr Chng Kian Chong, or KC, to most who know him, is a soft-spoken man with quiet confidence. As the eldest child, he cooked dinner for his family after school and helped his father deliver goods during the weekends. In 1976, KC joined the military and began what would become a decorated career in the Singapore Armed Forces (1 CDO). After a rewarding 7-year service, Mr Chng left the Army with the dream of building a better future for his new family.  

KC first entered the piano industry in 1984 when he apprenticed himself to a local piano company. He discovered a passion for the piano during this time, and dedicated 9 years to honing his expertise across thousands of pianos, while actively reaching overseas for books and materials to further deepen his understanding of the piano.

After almost a decade working with the company KC set out on his own to become a freelance piano tuner and technician, quickly building a reputation for his attention to detail, commitment to excellence, as well as an appreciation for his candor. His network of customers grew rapidly on word-of-mouth alone.

Mr Chng founded Music Lodge in July 1994, sensing a demand in the market for superior second-hand pianos that are serviced meticulously, and with a firm belief that the quality and performance of each piano is indelibly tied to the integrity and success of the business.

Music Lodge has since experienced tremendous growth as Singapore's trusted piano dealership, with an expanding clientele both local and overseas, that ranges from music schools to retailers to parents of a budding musician. Featuring a fleet of outstanding instruments, our showroom stands only a door away from our workshop: a testament to our unchanging belief that our products are but the tip of an iceberg built on expertise, service and integrity. 


We'd love to hear from you! Do not hesitate to find us at:

Music Lodge Private Limited

2019 Bukit Batok Street 23 #03-260 Singapore 659524
p: +65 6762 6378  |  e: kc@musiclodge.sg

Opening Hours:
Weekdays, except Public Holidays: 10am to 6pm
Weekends & Public Holidays: By appointment only