We deliver each piano as an ambassador of our commitment to discerning customers:

  • The integrity of pianos in their genuine condition, restored to authentic elegance

  • Uncompromising standards for meticulous quality, reliable performance and trustworthy service

  • That our in-house expertise and experience translates to unparalleled savings

Knowing That These Values Have Differentiated Our Success For Over 20 Years.



Sale & Purchase

We offer exceptional used pianos for clients and businesses: meticulously tuned, serviced & polished by hand, yet maintained in their genuine condition to restore their makers' artistry. 


Whether for personal use or events, Music Lodge entrusts performance-quality pianos of well-known brands for rental for the discerning ear, with highly competitive rates and attractive terms. 


A beloved piano deserves the best care.  With over 20 years of experience, we are fully equipped to handle all your servicing needs, from fine-tuning and regulation to technical repairs